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Product Information

Hastings Foods



Our plants production line has two X-ray detector, always to compact the work line, we are committed to efficient production(a short period). The working line is compact, able to shorten the operation time, reducing the possibility of any contamination, keeping the freshness of the product in a good condition. Whole process, it has been carried out in strict management under the USDA for making Safety, and relieved product.

Cooked Product

​◎Click picture , you get a production information.

Uncooked Product

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We have more products. Please feel free let us know, when you can not find anything.

Meat Center



BB FOODS Company can manage various specification for customer request (500g, 1kg, 5kg, etc...).The experts  staff produce for business use production for more smooth separate the normal line.

The packaging Product For Supermarket, Hospital, Walfare facilities etc... We would like to ask such as customer type of business, scale, purpose,  we propose product of the "Only One" that the customer wants (needs).
We are making products to be particular about safety, relieved, quality. 
Please let us know your request!!


Sliced Processing

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Ground Meat, Chopped, Chicken

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images (2)11.jpg
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BBQ Style

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images (6).jpg

For Business Use,Gift etc...

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Mainly raw materials of domestic, such as for sukiyaki, 
will be available to match your request. Therefore, we can take order to gift/dressing box, and so on... also available.

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