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Our Promises

・We do always 3C analysis(Customer, Competitor, Company) for Our Motto "Something New", 
  we propose Only One Products to accomodate the generational changes.

・We decide what to do suggesting on the sutuation, it is best products at competitive prices
 by considering the best way
 for our customers.

・We do PCDA cycle (Plan, Check, Do, Act), we will develop products that the all customers
 felt relieved

Company Overview

Company Name

BB FOODS Company, Ltd.


【International Sales Department】

 In Charge:Director Hisakazu Ito
 4F Sanshin-bldg,3-6-1 Uchikanda
 Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 101-0047 Japan

【Meat Center】

 In Charge:Mitsunori Igarashi
 4-13-1 Zambori Musashimurayama-City
 Tokyo, 208-0034 Japan


March, 1979

Annual Sales

JPY 3,000,000,000

Number Of Employee

160 Group company total


Manufactured meat products

( are made in Japan, and imported)

Capacity Level

600 mts/ Month


Meat Packing System, Gas Pack System, Dicer, Slicer, Indivisual Quick Freezer,Vacuum Machine, Metal Detector, X Ray Inspection, Truck, Kettles(11p), etc...


Japan, USA, Canada, Europe etc...


Supermarket, Grocery Store, Hotel, Restaurant, Deliverly Company, Hospital, Co-op Canteen, Walfare Facilities etc...

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