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BB FOODS Plants are located in Tokyo, and State of Nebraska in USA (2 plants).We are operated our plants for the best proposal for the customer needs.We are making products that Both plants are doing Hygiene Control, and Inspection of Raw Materials for provide our products of safety, and relieved.


Meat Center



Hastings Foods


Meat Center

Meat Center 《Tokyo Plant》

The Meat Center Located in Tokyo.
365 days, we have the best correspondence for the customer 
hope of things since the opening of the business.

We are making the production from low-volume to mass production with experts and equipment for the customer's needs.

● Remove the soft bone program

Currently, the chicken products are not remove the bone, and soft bone completely
at many chicken packer's. Because of mass production, and flow work.

Our plant have original program for this problem. It is called "Zankotsu Jokyo Program (Remove the soft bone program)

 It mean we are removing all bone piece by piece with our experts for the customer eat safety
After this work, The customer can cook as it is, so the customer can save time, too. 
We are very favorable reception this program to especially, children's facility , and hospital.

tori 1 (1).gif

 Fresh meat pack system (MAP Packaging)

Do you have any problem for changing color of packaging meat (Especially, ground Beef)?
Our Fresh Meat Packaging can take care of it!!

Fresh meat packaging is not difference to normal packaging. Because when the seal packaging, the machine inject the 
two mixed gas of oxygen, and carbon dioxide gas is automatic during a product of the packaging. It is called "Fresh meat pack system 

The oxygen gas has effect to hold the dye in the meat to 
bright red. The carbon dioxide gas can suppress the growth 
of bacteria, to keep the environment in the pack constant, compared to normal packs products, and can prevent the discoloration and deterioration freshness.


Non Gas pack 

image24 (1).gif

Gas Pack

image25 (1).gif

In case of using Gas Pack. The meat will be keeping of freshness 2-3 days longer than normal packaging. The ground beef of right pictures are after 5days from packaging. 

● 《Quality Control, and Health Management》

Sort of raw materials

We are using raw materials selected which chose certainly a connoisseur gain experience over 30 years.

Receiving raw materials

When the receiving raw materials, the experts must check the raw materials with our receiving check sheet. If a raw materials is not match our standard, we never use it.

Management raw materials

Temperature setting in the processing plant is keep 7℃, we can proceed to produce in the good situation (Keep good quality). In addition, in order to proceed to work together with the recording sheet so that you can trace management in our production, we have also recorded,  such as if it had been each of the work is completed in how much time. Normal work we have rule to be completed within 30 minutes at least.

Work clothes

 The work begins to change into clean work clothes. The small carelessness such as a little bit hair had escaped from the cap becomes the cause of contamination. We will assume for all possibilities,  consider the create products from be prepared.

Air shower

 At the time of exit-entry into the plant, we will remove the dust adhering to the work clothes by air shower. We have a rule if someone does not pass through Air Shower, the one can not enter into the processing room.

Management, and Cleaning of Knife/Equipment/Workshop

 Kitchen knife has been managed by "sterilizer" was placed in processing hall. Therefore, cleaning of Machine and work table by third party of professional, we become to be able to clean work every day.

Hasting Foods



First Plant:Cooking Processing Plant    Est. No.:5674

Second Plant:Fresh Meat Processing Plant Est. No.:34591

Our Plant is located in Nebraska State. The Mid-West area of US including Nebraska is called 
"Corn Belt", this areas is a lot of major meat packers are located. Therefore, we can purchase 
freshness raw materials timely, and price is also good price.

Our Plant is located in Nebraska State. The Mid-West area of US including Nebraska is called  "Corn Belt", this areas is a lot of major meat packers are located. Therefore, we can purchase  freshness raw materials timely, and price is also good price.

The Cooking processing plant is making "Pork Belly Chashu", "Coked Pork Belly Diced [KAKUNI]" and so on... by processing experts using a lot of kettle (from small to Large). 
The beef, and pork bowl of meat is also popular production.


The Fresh Meat Processing Plant has X ray inspection machine, and Metal detector for prevent contamination by making production. There are excellent machine, but in order to prevent  any chance, we are inspecting by inspection experts. Therefore, we are making production with checking for quality, and specification of production become flat condition.
We got much experience, and knowledge since opening, and earn more from now on. We will aim to contamination 0%.


《X ray inspection》


《Metal detector》





They know about meat very much, which is the product of raw materials, 
with respect to the machine, and even support the always BB FOODS Company in that you are 
thoroughly familiar with the export, Our motto "
Something new" is always challenge to find 
"New discovery of meat". it is very unusual and reputation of the plants in the US.


 Gary Deal G.M

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